OK, I rarely write anything political in here, but I’m so riled up by recent events, I feel compelled to do so. I don’t care if anyone reads it or agrees with me, but I just need to spew my thoughts out in the hope of getting it off my chest.

I do not believe for one second that Sarah Palin (or her aides or her design firm or anyone else involved) intended those crosshairs to be surveyor’s symbols. It’s bullshit. Anyone with even a shred of honesty and intelligence in them knows it’s bullshit. There is only one way you can change my mind on this: invent time travel, go back 9 months, and ask her. I feel supremely confident that the “invent time travel” part is the most likely to happen.

I’ve worked on enough design projects to know damn well that IF those were not intended to be crosshairs, someone would have brought it up.

“Would anyone outside the profession know that those are surveyor’s symbols? They could easily be mistaken for crosshairs. Maybe we should use little stars or donkeys or something. I’d sure hate for anyone to think we were encouraging gun violence.”

It’s bullshit.

The extreme right wants more violence against the left. Period. Don’t believe me? Look it up. The facts will bear it out: the extreme right WANTS MORE VIOLENCE against the left. If you support them with your votes, your money, your words or your actions, then you are supporting violent acts against fellow Americans. Period.

What Year Is It?

Apparently, 2011 snuck up, cracked me on the back of the head, and stole my wallet. I guess that’s no big deal, as there wasn’t really anything in my wallet. Still, it would be nice to have $5 left for a Subway later.

As always, I’ve let things go for a long stretch without writing anything. As always, I feel compelled to make some excuse in writing. As always, I’m going to take a pass on the excuse… in writing.

Maybe if I wrote more often, my writing would be less redundant. Oh, sure, the first few weeks of regular updates would read like a Twitter feed: woke up,  changed a diaper, changed a diaper, considered breakfast, but then changed a diaper instead. Eventually, though, I’d like to think my brain would leap back into action. Portions of grey matter that hadn’t been used in ages would shake off the cobwebs, no longer grey with dust, but grey with the absence of dust.

Yeah, see, that’s the quality of writing you get when I don’t stay sharp.

I did get around to my annual redesign for the ol’ website. Sure, there still isn’t any new content, but it’s all rearranged into a new shape. At least it’ll seem like a new site for a little while. Now, here I am, writing a new blog entry, so then there will actually be fresh, new content for 2011!

What a year it’s been. I wish I had the time (and language skills) to share my experiences of 2010. My little girl is 7 months old now, and I’ve already forgotten most of my life prior to her arrival. I remember places, dates, events and faces, but I can’t quite recall my state of mind. I’m a father now, and apparently at some point in the past I was not. The facts would seem to bear that out, but I still have my doubts.

I’ll spare you tales of dirty diapers and laundry, as people with kids already get it and those without don’t care. I will say that overall I’m happy, and there is no problem so great that a hug from your 7-month-old can’t make you forget it for a little while. I still battle a variety of health issues, but I have more motivation than ever before to do something about them.

My career and my social life have been the two most significant casualties of my new role as dad. I hope to keep them both on life support long enough to carve out a place for them. I have an audition in a couple weeks that could lead to a big boost to the former, and restoring the former could only help the latter.

Beyond that, I’m cleaning house, both literally and figuratively. I’m aging, and in a few weeks my age will end in zero again. I’m undeniably a grown-up now, but I have a new partner in crime to help me stay childish. Er, childLIKE. I hope she’s up to the challenge.

At least I haven’t gotten a minivan yet.