Well, it would seem Summer is here.

I knew the weather was too good to last. I sure did enjoy it while it was here, though. And I’m glad I got through my month of torture with decent weather… I don’t know how well I would have stayed motivated to exercise in this tropical sauna.

Speaking of my month of torture, it’s now two weeks behind me. I’ve more or less stuck to the plan I laid out, so in a sense, the torture continues. The biggest difference is that I haven’t been on a scale, so my frustration level isn’t quite so bad. Sometimes it’s better not knowing.

I have done quite a bit of reading on nutrition and exercise with some surprising discoveries. Like the studies that show people who exercise don’t lose any more weight than people who don’t. (It’s mostly a psychological issue; exercise is still very beneficial for your health.) Or how virtually every study on nutrition and alcohol comes to the conclusion that one or two drinks daily isn’t a problem (and may actually improve your health). Oh, sure, they don’t spell it out like that, but if you read the whole thing, it’s in there.

Or as one brilliant article I read yesterday informed me, deep-fried onion rings are bad for you. Seriously? No wonder I’m not losing weight on my all-onion-ring diet.

I suppose with all the terrible information out there on nutrition, some people would need that stated clearly. But I kinda feel that if you’re eating onion rings with any regularity, you’re not on a diet.

On a happier note, all my reading and research has brought me to the conclusion that my diet really can’t be much healthier. I’ve identified a couple of foods I could use more of (fish, nuts, seeds) but nothing I need to cut out. I’ve already cut out everything that’s enjoyable, er… I mean, questionable.

I’d really like to write about something else after this. But not today, I have to go sand the kitchen cabinets again. THAT should be a fun job in this weather.