Vote for Me

I’m sure the world has enough political bloggers, and I have no desire to join their ranks. There are plenty of people better informed than I flooding the internet with commentary. I simply want to throw out a couple thoughts as we go into this next election.

First and foremost, if you don’t know what you’re saying, it might be better if you didn’t say anything. This year, more than any other, I’ve noticed the words conservative, liberal, Republican and Democrat being understood less and less. Are all Democrats liberal? Are all conservatives Republican? Is George Bush a good conservative? A good Republican? What do you call someone with beliefs that don’t fit a convenient label? I’m going to do my best to vote for candidates this year, not parties… and certainly not labels.

Right along with that, please try to avoid voting based on a single issue. This is a complex world we live in with complex issues. Any vaguely intelligent voter cannot possibly sum up their entire being with a black-or-white stance on a single issue, nor can a candidate.

Want to end our dependence on foreign oil? Stop using it. Park your car once in a while. Invest in alternative energy. Ride a bike. Adjust your thermostat by a couple degrees. Recycle. Bring your own bag. I’m not saying we should all go live in the woods, but we could all do better to use less oil (and coal and natural gas and everything else). Me included.

The planet will be fine. We may not.

That’s all. Just a couple things to have in the back of your head next time you’re skimming CNN. And above all, think for yourself.

Oh, and if you find yourself unable to pick a candidate, go ahead and write my name in. I’m sure I could do better than some of these jokers.