On the road again…

Well, I’ve unexpectedly found myself back to gigging rather heavily, logging about 1300 miles and 7 shows in the last 2 weekends. The new schedule was supposed to start in July, after my vacation, but circumstances change, and a couple rehearsals are more than enough to get up in front of a festival crowd, right? At least there wasn’t a puppet show.

I’m now a member of the T. Albert Lloyd Band, a straight-up power trio. It’s been a lot of fun so far, but also a lot of work. I’ve had plenty of challenges in the last few years, learning tons of new material, but I can’t remember the last time I was this challenged merely to play. A trio leaves a lot of space to fill and mistakes become brutally obvious. Last night’s show was already significantly better than last week’s, but I’ve a long way to go before Taste.

In completely unrelated news, my back troubles have gotten absolutely unbearable. I’ve been eating muscle relaxers like candy just to get through these shows; the rest of the time I can barely stand. I have yet another appointment coming up, and I’m really hoping for something that resembles a diagnosis. Keep your fingers crossed.