I thought Google was more reliable than this…

So, just a quick note, ’cause I should be working right now. It seems that my Google map of great restaurants in the Twin Cities is completely trashed. I’ve been noticing the last few weeks that Google started replacing the letter “u” in all my reviews with a blank space. It’s amazing what happens to your writing when you lose a vowel. Anyway, now it seems that even loading the page will cause Safari to crash. I’ll have to experiment and see if perhaps I can even get to the page with Firefox or something.

For now, though, my main recommendation is to avoid “Andy Recommends” for the time being.

Update: It appears this is a Safari issue. So, if you’re browsing the web with something other than Safari (which is most people), go nuts: www.andymcclure.com/ar

If you are using Safari, just be annoyed. Or download Firefox. Or take your chances… it seems this is not a consistent, reproducible effect. 

2 Months on the Nose

My loyal readers must be getting awfully bored with this. I think I’m up to 2, maybe even 3 loyal readers. Guess I better get to work…

I also had better stop typing ellipses and just using three periods instead. They don’t seem to hold up well on the interwebs. Or I could stop relying on ellipses every time I’m not sure how to wrap up a thought. Yes, that would probably be a better way to go.

I should also see if I might be able to possibly consider getting around to the idea of coming to something resembling a point.

So, winter has finally caught up to my wife and I; we’re suffering from the first big cold of the season. I’ve felt this one creeping up on me for weeks, and I’ve been fighting valiantly with citrus, garlic, and sriracha. Although I won many battles, I still lost the war. On the up side, I have this great low, gravelly voice at the moment, which makes me sound like a total badass.

What else? I know I had things in mind to write about today over lunch. I think a slight fever and a truckload of cold medicine might be affecting my, uh… whatchacallit.

I think I’ll stop now. I’ll write more soon. There are a few good shows coming up that I should write about. I also have a new restaurant to add to my dining guide. I just can’t seem to focus at the moment.