Yes, I know…

…it’s been a while. No excuses, just doing some writing.

Things have certainly been interesting of late, at least to me. By “interesting,” of course, I mean that my life continues to spiral. The bathroom remodel is into its third month with no end in sight, the band has two shows under its belt, I’ve launched a new website ( and the trip to Africa is approaching rapidly. Our finances are shaky at best (see bathroom and Africa, above), and I’ve just received word that both our mortgage servicing and our health insurance will change while we’re away. My job gets more dumber with each passing day while the odds of me being able to leave it any time soon approach zero. Of course, I could always get fired, thus eliminating that option.

Yet, this is all a familiar theme to me. Actually, recognizing it as a familiar theme is a familiar them to me. If I got any more predictable and circular, I’d be a, er… clock? Something predictable that turns.

And that, my friends, is yet another reason why I am looking forward to this trip. Sure, it’s 2 weeks away from work, it’s time to actually see my wife, it’s exotic, it’s adventurous, but it’s also a chance for me to really think. No cell phone, no e-mail, no empty-for-a-month blogs. No rehearsals, appointments, meetings or deadlines. No dead-end job that attacks my pride, my intelligence, my well-being. For 4 days, I will have nothing to do but focus on putting one foot in front of the other one more time. If it goes well, I can sort some things out while achieving something of which I can be truly proud. If it goes badly, I’ll be airlifted to Kenya and have one hell of a story, maybe a cast to sign.