What’s your vector, Victor?

So, I’m back in a band again. Stellar Vector. (www.stellarvector.com) We met, chatted, traded ideas, then finally actually played together the other night. Well, a few of us did anyway. It went well, I’m in the band, and we’re moving forward. They/we also have a new drummer. I think. I guess that’s not 100% yet, but it seems to be pretty much a done deal. Also, one of the guitarists is not the original guitarist, though he’s been a part of the project for a while. So, it’s a pretty major overhaul on a band that had a fairly solid thing going at one point.

I’m not making any sense at all am I? Bear with me… I don’t think I’ve gotten a full night’s sleep in close to a month. Last night was about 3 1/2 hours of sleep, which sorta pushed me over the edge. On the up side, I feel pretty confident that we will be all done moving tonight. (Not unpacked, mind you… that’s a whole separate task.) But all our stuff should be in the house by sundown. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: where did all this crap come from?

Back to the band thing. The core duo of the group has been together for a while now on a sort of co-producing/songwriting partnership which grew into a band. They’ve been taking their time and doing things right, demoing tracks, finding the right players… all very organized and professional, which weirds me out a little. In a good way, of course. The music is sort of a blend of later Peter Gabriel and David Bowie’s electronic years, circa “Earthling” or “Outside.” It’s dark and electronic, yet with a strong organic element and a decent grip on pop sensibility. The personality is also a bit dark, but with a dry, wry wit. They’re also mostly Mac dorks, which is kinda fun. All around, I think it’s a great fit for where I’m at and where I’d like to be going, musically.

Of course, this dampens my plans to make some money playing crappy cover tunes, but that plan wasn’t going very well anyway. Maybe I can still score a fill-in slot here and there. For all the effort I was putting into that without every accomplishing anything, I might as well be doing original material.

Speaking of Mac dorks, can someone give me some definite answers on the iPhone? I’ve been waiting patiently for quite some time.

First half.

So, we did it. We bought a house. For real: papers signed, keys, boxes everywhere, it’s our house. That means we’re halfway done (we still need to close on the condo to get rid of it). There are still quite a few things to move out of the condo and the storage space, but we’re mostly done with the moving part. A good, solid couple of hours should do it. Good stuff.

Which, of course, explains why I haven’t written much lately. My life has consisted of moving things, cleaning things, screwing things to walls, removing things from other walls, mapping electrical circuits, trying to figure out who in their right mind would put the switch for the garage light there, wondering where I set my Gatorade and no longer giving a crap how ridiculous I look in a tool belt. It’s really fun. No, I mean it.

On the down side, I haven’t touched an instrument in 2 weeks. Which is a shame, because I’ve been talking to some guys in a pretty cool band about getting something started. (Side note: I’m not trying to be secretive or anything, I’m just staying with generic terms until there’s something more definite there to mention.) Anyway, I’m excited to start playing around with some of their material, but I don’t even know where my amp is at the moment, let alone power cords and whatnot. My callouses are about shot from all the work on the house, and all the Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter in the world won’t fix those.

At least my job is still psychotic.

Mmmm… cake…

I’ve been talking (well, e-mailing) with a guy about a band. So far it’s been very promising: the demo tracks sound good, he’s been very professional, they’re not in any huge hurry. It’s all far too reasonable to be believable. Granted, this is a long way from actually being in a good band, but it’s a start.

On the other end of things, I’m growing increasingly obsessed with the idea of getting to work on my own material. Granted, it’ll be a year or two before I have anything of substance; the equipment needs alone will take a while. But the idea is becoming more and more appealing. I’ve always been content to let someone else head things up, and I still am. I don’t see myself ever leading a group, but I do have a few things in my head that need to get out. Getting into this house will be the first concrete step towards being able to do that. Then all I need to do is finish the basement, buy lots of equipment, learn to use it well enough to not be in the way, write and record a couple hours of material and whittle it down to 45 minutes that I can be proud of.

Piece of cake.

Such a tease

Of all the lousy timing, can you believe that I actually have to work during the day now? I sit here with nothing to do for weeks at a time, and now that the house thing is getting REALLY close and there are a million things to do, I’m busy all day at work. What the heck?

But, it’s probably not all bad. It certainly helps the time go by quicker, and that helps prevent me from worrying about a thousand details about which I can’t do anything. …about which I… Yeah, I guess that’s right. It doesn’t read very well, though, does it?

So, since last I wrote, I managed to join a new band which has since fallen apart. One of the first things we talked about when we all got together was how easy it is for poor communication to ruin a band. In less than a week, poor communication ruined the band. To be clear, by poor communication I mean lying and backstabbing. Whatever… back to the drawing board.

I don’t see myself pursuing any new musical ventures for the next couple weeks, ’cause we’re getting really close to wrapping things up on the house. We close in less than a week, then we move, then we close on our current place. Heck, it’ll probably be November before I get any real peace.Then I can get around to burying myself in projects. On the other hand, there is an interesting band I found that needs a bass player. Knowing how hard it is to find a decent group, it’s hard to pass on a good possibility.

OK, I should probably be working now. I’ll see about writing more later.